Food in Nepal – Discover the flavors of Nepal

Food in Nepal
Food in Nepal

Food in Nepal – Types of Food

We Indians, love food and every State in our country has a different dialect to its taste. Dialect is not just specific to linguistic tones. Food on the stove also has a dialect of aromas and a unique stir to it.

Nepal is of such a country that borders one of its geographical arms with India. Our food culture and taste buds are bonds to match. It’s always fun to travel to a land that serves food that rings a bell. The tastes that is familiar to our home country. Traditionally Nepal’s ate two meals a day; One in the morning and once at night. It was usually 7 am in the morning and the next meal was at 8 pm in the night. With time and the changing times, the agrarian nature has transformed into commercial living styles.

Both India and Nepal are multi-religious, multilingual, multicultural, multi-ethical and multiracial nations of the Asian subcontinent. Nepali food is mainly non-vegetarian. But Nepali’s do they love their grains and vegetables too. Grains such as buckwheat, millet, barley are the most widely used.


Momos: Yes, the much-loved delicacy, momo’s travelled from Tibet into the lands of Nepal. Nepali’s love their momo’s. Momo’s at home are usually made during a family get together and momo’s are relished in larger gatherings and calls for a lot of hard work.

Nepali Momos
Nepali Momos

Dal Chawal Tarkari: The dal chawal is served with tarkari. Tarkari is meat spicy stew. The tarkari can be made of chicken, mutton, fish, etc. Tarkari is also made out of mixed vegetables for pure vegetarians. Chawal is called bhat in Nepal too. One must try out dhal bhat tarkari at a local street vendor to have the real taste of Nepal. Dal bhat Tarkari is served with hariyo khursani. Hariyo khursani a spicy fermented green chilly pickle.

Dheedo: Dheedo is a sweet, sour and tangy Nepali traditional dish. It’s also the national food of Nepal. Dheedo is made out of maize and wheat. Dheedo is similar to how upma may look like. Dheedo is usually served with Gundrook Soup.

Gundrook soup: Is made out of fermented leaves of all green vegetable leaves. The soup is something similar to rasam. The fermented leaves are grinded and added to the tadka of ginger, garlic, curry leaves, clove, tomatoes, and soya beans
Gundrook- The above was a soup version and Gundrook is a missed vegetable preparation. But the preparation involves only the leafy part of the vegetables. Some of the vegetables to name are radish cauliflower, mustard, carrots, beetroot, tulip, etc. This fermented leafy vegetable is usually left to dry and they stored for the winters. Gundrook goes very well with Daal bhat.

Aloo Tama: Tama means bamboo shoots. The potatoes are cooked with Tama( bamboo shoots) and have a very sour taste as its base. The Aloo Tama can also be cooked in non-vegetarian varieties. But that is optional.

Khatamari:  Khatamari as its name sound is for sure chatpata ( hot, spicy and sweet). The dish looks like a pizza. The base is made out of rice flour and the toppings can be anything depending on the liking. Chatamari is a fantabulous appetizer or a snack.

Masyaura: is usually made in winters. Masyaura is a lentil pakoda made out of lentils, vegetables, yam, wax gourd, spinach, etc

Thukkpa: It’s a nutrient-rich soup.

Sel Roti:  Its something similar to a doughnut but a healthy version of it. The homemade ring shaped rice doughnut is a heavenly affair post a meal. Sel roti is usually made during Dashain. Dashain is a Nepali word for Dusshera. Other similar desserts to Sel roti is finni Roti

Skiarni: It is a yogurt dish made with hung curd, spices, and fruits. Skiarni is something similar to shrikhand.

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Butter Tea:  This tea is made by mixing the tea brew with ghee or butter and it is sold at every nick and corner.

Thwon:  It’s a beer made out of rice and very commonly consumed to survive in the mountainous belts.

Aloo is the most loved vegetable worldwide. Nepal too is no different. Some other items that are famous in Nepal are Aloo Tareko (fried potatoes with spices) Aloo dum, Aloo Achaar and Golveda re dharniya ko Achaar (tomato and coriander pickle).

There is no much that can be written about Nepali cuisines. Food is needed for survival. Travelling is needed for rejuvenation. Rejuvenate your taste buds in Nepal. Click for our packages

Bon Appetite.

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