A Trek Within The Mountain Ranges

The Annapurna Mountain Ranges massif is a massive and humongous paradise. It is torching at a height of 8,091-meter height. Annapurna range is home to many smaller Himalayas. That is to say, this trek is a treat for the ardent trekkers and it is a mission to accomplish for novice ones. The view of the Annapurna range is on display right from Pokhara. Adding more, the Annapurna range homes to Machauchare base camp and Mardi Trek camp (The Annapurna Mountain Ranges).

The Pleasure Of Standing In The Laps

The peak of Machauchare tickles from Dovan. It is making its way through those forest lushes with hushes. It’s earning the pleasure of standing in the laps of Annapurna ranges. Machauchare is a ‘fish-tailed mountain’, deeply revered by the Nepali locals for its exquisite beauty.

The Homes Of Lord Shiva

It is also believed that Machauchare may be of the homes of Lord Shiva. On the other hand, the Annapurna range would be of Machapuchare south view of Annapurna, Annapurna I, Gangapurna, and Hiunchuli. Therefore, the Mardi Trek camp offers trekkers quietness and not many tourists make this their stop.

Annapurna Attracts Bees To The Hives

Annapurna Mountain Range
A Trek Within The Mountain Ranges Annapurna Mountain Range

That is to say, the Mardi Trek Camp blesses panoramic photographers with the south view of Annapurna, Annapurna I. Additionally, the Mardi Trek camp gives out a splendid view of Annapurna Fang, Machapuchare, and Mardi Himal. Lastly, coming to Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the base camp of Annapurna attracts bees to the hives in Annapurna Sanctuary (The Annapurna Mountain Ranges).

A World Out Of A Fairy Tale

That is to say, this spiritually significant place known as Annapurna Sanctuary is an incredible experience. One cannot miss at any given cost. Trekkers come from all over the globe to Annapurna massif range just to trek. Coming back to Annapurna Base Camp Trek which paves an open way to create and access for Annapurna Sanctuary looks like a world out of a fairy tale. Be prepared, your retina has a lot of work to do on the way along with needed agility.

Reminder Of Impermanence

Firstly, Annapurna Base Camp Trek would astound you with the verdant sub-tropical jungle that flowers into a high alpine environment. On the other hand, it gives a reality check of conscience. Secondly, the other side from Annapurna Base Camp to Annapurna Sanctuary lay like a plateau without any hue of green or rocks. Have we heard of the oxymorons of day-night, happy-sad, cold-hot, hatred-love? Well, the Annapurna Base Camp trek will offer that reminder of impermanence and do a deep operation of your heart. We assure you that there will be a shift in the way that sees your world.

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