About Us

Aradhya Tours – Spiritual journeys to places of divine connection, where the veil between the physical and spiritual is thin. Such sacred spaces revitalize and energize us, and give us an experience of our inner nature.

Many spiritual masters have illuminated these spaces with their grace and over millennia. Countless numbers of devotees have undertaken pilgrimages to these places to attain their Ultimate nature. In an endeavor to share these mystical dimensions, Aradhya Tours offers the rare privilege of exploring beauty. The sacredness of the most revered destinations of this land including, magnificent Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. The awe-inspiring Himalayas, and facilitate the journey towards your inner self.

Devotees have joined with us on these once-in-a-lifetime journeys. And in North and North East where serenity is integrated into all the elements naturally. Here one can feel the explosive power of these spaces. Hence transcend one’s limitations, unraveling the forces of life and our own ultimate potential.

Whether it is a visit to much-traveled-to temples or tiny yet powerful places hidden from most travelers’ eyes. We offer a unique and enriching experience in an atmosphere of genuine care.

I look forward to the offering, mine, and my team’s services, to our level best. Aradhya Tours gives maximum comfort to the pilgrims.

Journey to your spiritual self with Aradhya Yours…..

Dr. Hetal Desai

Why Choose Us?

We are offering luxury, offbeat, custom-crafted expeditions, and are gifted with a discerning eye for the captivating and the unusual. Traveling is much more than visiting places, taking pictures and buying goodies to get back Home. Aradhya Tours has a bunch of new-age professionals.

We believe in innovation, work equivalently with a heart as well as the head. Therefore, it is in our DNA to think and act differently. In conclusion, our focus is on experiencing travel in India with equal attention to conventional as well as off-beat travel destinations.