The Everest Base Camp with Aradhya Tours

Mount Everest is the most revered and towering peak on the planet earth

. Its ascend inner drive is based on exploration, adventure, spiritualism, and mythical zeal. Hindsight, it’s an unfortunate truth that 200 people have lost their lives while on the ascent of Mount Everest. However, 4000 people have been victorious too in reaching the top peak of Mount Everest. The Everest Base Camp Trek is a well-known trek across the globe. Also, guess what? You would be trailing on the same path where the 4000 recorded climber have left their footmarks. How wonderful it would be that someone would be trailing on your footprints too, someday.

It’s certain that the trek to Everest base camp is strenuous yet one of the experiences that would grow fonder with time within your inner being. The trek takes a day of investment of time, energy, resources and money. Hence Everest base camp is expensive. Something’s are worth it and do come with a price tag. If one wants to be in a two-week-long committed relationship with the Mount Everest, getting the body prepared in essential.

We at Aradhya Travel and Tours L.L.C highly recommend staying for a day or two at Kathmandu before moving to Lukla. Lukla is the epicenter that will connect the dots with the Everest Base camp. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal has lots of offer. A few of the places to name are the Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Boudhnath, the Thamel District and more. Lukla is a small village that is the domestic landing hub for the Everest Base Camp. Did you know that Lukha has the title of the world’s most dangerous airport? The runway is limited in space and the pilot needs to be very experienced to handle Lukla airport runway. Nonetheless, Lukla airport has been serving the Everest Base Camp fetchers for an interminable time.
The Everest Base Camp is an astounding, zestful, draining, enchanting 80-mile roundtrip journey, yet mesmerizing one. The Everest Base Camp takes the trekkers through some of the most amazing scenery in the Himalayan laps that landscapes itself for the expedition’s adventures. We, Aradhya Travel and Tours L.L.C believe that every guest is a reflection of our own soul. For us, our client’s safety and comfort mean of paramount importance.
As our clients trail through the swift glacial rivers, thick pine forests, past waterfall, the imagery in the trekker’s mind for sure will want to rewind and see those scenic canvases again and again. At one side of Aradhya Travel and Tours, L.L.C believes the landscape of Everest Base Camp surrenders and the other side is like a switchback. The dozen of narrow suspension bridges are something we never ever allow our clients to pass through alone. A Nepali representative from Aradhya Travel and Tours L.L.C will always be there at your service of navigation.
The universal selling point of the Everest Base Camp is it’s an impressive network of mountainous rustic huts called the ‘tea houses. It is these humble ‘tea houses’ that permit to rest of the frazzled feet to touch the walls. These ‘tea houses’ allow to put the depleting head on the ground and knock out to la-la land.

We, at Aradhya Tours, have embarked on this trek ourselves to know what it is to be in your shoes. So, be assured, we know what is best needed and suited for you during the journey with us with regards to Everest Base Camp. These stay in tea houses serve you warm meals when you land up worn and tired and permit the trekker to dry their wet and washed clothes. Also, the tea houses have an Ingleside to keep up with the outer coldness. The hearth keeps the trekkers warm for good night sleep.

Now, the trek to Everest Base Camp asks for 5-7 hours of quality time in ascending, for 10 to 12 days. Hence, imagine the bonds of friendships you would build at the end of the day. Imagine, counting the twilight stars that would be in abundance. Imagine, being at the top of the world and conquering an additional milestone each day? Imagine what it would be like if you emailed Aradhya Tours.?

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