Village Tourism

India has something to offer to all kinds of tourists and promoting various kinds of tourism is called for. For instance adventure enthusiast or a foodie gurgling for their belly or a soul on a pilgrim or a nomad merely looking for a place to touch the soil.

India has lots of soil, a rooted nation, and its roots since its deep essence in their villages. No one has ever thought of village tourism or considered that villages can be an avenue or give out of revenues through well crafted promote village tourism (village tourism – kumbalangi tourism) in tactile action.

The Soul of India

The soul of India resides in the villages of India. We all have known this. Today, in the era of urbanization, the villages are shrinking; small towns are getting a notch higher. The village life somehow, slowly seeming to be a museum where people come to see how the past looked like. Well, villages are not something of a past; rather they are the breath that keeps our country striving in its glory. There are thousands of villages in India. The days shine like a mother’s smile and the night’s curtains majestically like a dome of star gloaming winks of the hour. (Village Tourism – Kumbalangi Tourism)

rural tourism
Rural Tourism Experience. Living With Locals

Stop, Take A Deep Breath

Herds of buffalo’s being at your home to women flaunting bright colorful saris and wells of water and farms that stretch across the horizon are the perceived reality of a village. In actuality, a village is a place where children have a life and they play across the fields. A village is the chimney smoking aromas of the cooking fire. A village is the path made where a man’s bicycle wobbles on its trench. Herman Melville, a reputed American novelist says, “Stop, Take a deep breath. And walk, fly or catch a train away from the city and into a world where the average pace of life is slower than slow. “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” (Village Tourism – Kumbalangi Tourism)

A Break From The Monotonous Life

The impact of social values we hold and intend to incur rests heavily on sustainability. Community humanitarian projects can be done in a group or a larger group created through social media platforms. Villages do not have 5-star health facilities or an elite education system for the young buds. As a budding nation, we need to promote and create village tourism in such a way, that the people would want to plan their vacancy around villages. The vacation needs to be for the benefit of all. The
tourist can get their mental peace and a break from the monotonous life.

The Lap Of Mother Nature

The villagers can get some professional advice. Everyone has an academic background that may be useful to the villages and the villagers. To state some examples; Horticulture, solid waste management, pharmacist and apothecary, didactic
assistance, and more. The tourist can rejoice in the glory of being in the lap of Mother Nature and as an act of gratitude, offer
them time, care, knowledge, affection, attention. People on the conscious act of promoting village tourism also must contribute to villager life by living in a villager’s home. Most of the bonds created on a food table.

One Can Contribute To Village Tourism

Another area where one can contribute to village tourism is at a student level. Academically, students need to go through some level of social work and academic inquest. Something like; carrying out research and community engagement projects, constructing homes, making documentaries, etc. Village tourism also can pertain to something like giving livelihood to the villagers in terms of creating handloom crafts, ethnic jewelry, etc. Something like a mobile school or a clinic can function on
a voluntary basis.

People say that the heart lies in the ducts of the interiors of a nation. We Indians must take pride in the same. It’s true that we all are part of a race to success: we forget that we get our food from the farmers of the villages.

 kitchen garden of a villager
In Every Home, You See Fresh Vegetables  Grown

The Betterment Of The Village Upscaling

If we remove a day or two days or a week or a month for the betterment of the village upscaling and gain a vacation instead, it’s a fantastic deal. The village tourism had the spine to offer pandemonium of tranquillity, calmness, and serenity that can enchant a dead soul. We just promote and do our bit to get village tourism promoted on a big scale.

The Village Is Our Heaven

Next time, when you plan a vacation, consciously zero down a village that can be your home for a few days. Do ensure to live in villagers’ homes to get the real feel of their lives. Also, contribute to their daily lives. The meals that you will gorge at the end of the day for sure will be a platter fallen for you from the Heavens.
Remember, villagers are our heaven and India is our paradise. One should contribute to broadcast Village Tourism – Kumbalangi Tourism. What is your plan?

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