Travel when you are happy, travel when you are sad, travel to celebrate every occasion. Travel like a celebration, travel like a celebrity, travel for your new beginning, travel for your own being, travel SOLO (Solo trip for yourself – traveling alone).

Travelling is love, travelling is loved by all but when one travels solo, it opens a whole new portal of travel exploration and experience. Solo travel comes with a baggage of trill or solace. If the word solo travel is still not making any sense, it means to travel alone. Though travelling alone is an empowering experience of freedom, choices, decisions made. Moreover, travelling alone or solo travel puts life to perspective and sharpens negotiation, navigating, and planning skills. However, in order for solo travel, the desire to travel is needed and not the decided destination. In short solo travel portieres a holiday where you alone are your travel mirror.
Talk more to yourself and find the YOU that is usually submerged in the monotonous life that you tread on Solo trip for yourself – traveling alone).

Now, how to you begin the first step? Well, by taking the first step.


Yes, dream, daydream, sleep dream and walk your dream. Think about all the things you would do, eat, and see. Envision the view that you want to see when you travel. For example, it could be the mountains, beaches, forests, Amusement parks, casinos, spiritual places, or religious kinds. JUST DREAM. Eleanor Roosevelt has rightly said that ‘’the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’’

Travel alone
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WALK THE TALK – Solo Trip For Yourself – Traveling Alone

Now, when your dreams get vividly lucid, start sharing with your folks that you want to travel alone and explore an unknown place with limited preparations.

– You will get leads, help, suggestions, and some motivation
– You will start the process of manifestation as the more to talk about your plans, the closer you get to its planning
– The more you talk, the more real the dream gets to you in your reality.
– Talk to people of all ages and walks of life.
– Walk the talk while you are on a walk too. You never know, you may find hippies strolling around too.


Some things money can’t buy which is your inner essence who is to take the first solo travel. Save up at
least 10 % more in the following month than you usually do. Then slowly try to increase it to 20% in a
few months to come. Avoid that extra cup of caffeine or the roadside chat. Avoid one meal that you
would have eaten outside and go green for that meal or cook for yourself. This small level of saving will
firstly make you aware where is an expenditure that you need to avoid long back. Secondly, you
become more prepared on how you would plan your solo travel budget for Solo Trip For Yourself – Traveling Alone.


Plan your bare-bone logistics on whereabouts and how. The cost, budget, resources needed,
transportation, and the number of days for travel. By bare-bone logistic, I meant, travel light and be very
simple on your travel. Also, ensure you safeguard and place your cash in different places in your


– You will get to meet you in a solace way.
– Can be easy to introspect and retrospect your life in general.
– Possibility of making new friends and be feeling happier.
– Less likely to go through the travel stress.
– You can rest all day and do mere nothing in your tent or hotel bed.
– Can be travelled in a cost-effective way.
– Your regional or international language skills shall get better.

Solo travel can for sure be planned alone. But they can also be pre-planned through a travel agency if
you want to save your precious time. But travel solo is a must. You shall live a lifetime in one travel
journey with yourself Solo Trip For Yourself – Traveling Alone.