Everest Base Camp

If you are a nature baby and love to wear your heart on your sleeve. If you are one who lays your eyes on the mountains and feels you belong there.

If you feel the wind & stomp high to gain adventure, Everest base camp invites you.

Everest base camp invites you to trek through the wilderness of Sherpa settlements along the trails of
cultural rich settlements. Sherpa’s are ethically Nepalese with their origin found in Tibet. As a matter of
fact, Sherpa’s are well known across the mountains, sea, maps, and globe. The Everest base-camp trek is
generally taken from two sides, rather two opposite sides- Tibet and Nepal.

One side is known as the north base camp in Tibet. The other is called the south base camp in Nepal.
The north base camp in Tibet is at an altitude of 5,150 meters. The north base camp in Nepal is at 5,364
meters. It’s easier and quicker to travel to the north base camp of Everest. The both the Everest Base
Camp Trek provides a titillating, yet mesmerising intersect of adventure and calmness. But, nothing
comes in comparison to Nepal.

Also for Indians, they do not need a visa or entry permit to enter Nepal.

This is the second reason why Indians prefer North-side Everest base camp from Nepal. It also works out
to be affordable.
Reiterating, the Everest Base Camp is an amalgamation of an escapade yet a humble spiritual journey.
On the way, you would locate humble chortens coloured with flags that have a prayer knotted in it. You
will also see small hamlets. These hamlets are a whole village in itself. The locals are open with doors if
you need a refreshing tea or a traditional GPR.

There is a very beautiful monastery in the midst of theEverest Base camp.
Tengboche Monastery situated in Tengboche village (eastern Nepal) that is most revered in the vicinity
of the Everest Base Camp. Mostly Trekkers begin their Everest Base Camp from Tengboche Monastery
where they seek blessings from the Buddhist monks. Adding the cherry to this cake of Tengboche
Monastery, the village Tengboche is itself very famous surrounded by rhododendron cherry like woods.
The Tengboche Monastery/village is located 3867 meters above sea level. Tengboche Monastery is also
known as Dawa Choling Gompa.
In order to reach Tengboche Monastery, the tourist can take a flight from Katmandhu airport to Lukha
which takes approximately 30 minutes of air flight. Lukha as a small town serves through a domestic
airport for business and tourism. From Lukha one has to trek for 4.5 hours to reach Phadking. Phadking
is a small village that lies near Koshi River. Koshi River is in the north of Lukha. The North side of Everest
Base Camp is at your reach. It only takes a step ahead from Phadking to the uphill of Namche Bazaar.
The trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche Monastery is another 3-4 hours of trek covering a mere 6
km. The zest for Everest Base Camp journey begins from Tengboche Monastery which is at 3867 meters
above sea level.
And as shared, The Everest base camp in Nepal is at 5,364 meters. Come, conquer it. The tourist takes
multiple stops to complete their trek. The entire Everest Base Camp trek runs to 10 to 12 days. Aradhya Tours can help you to plan your trip to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Please connect withus through email or web link.
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