Friend beyond Border: Nepal

Nepal is our closest friend, neighbor and share an open border for Indians. We, Indians can travel to
Nepal only by completing the basic identity formalities at the border by land, railway, and air. We can
travel to Nepal using our passports. Well, what if one does not have a passport? PAN card, driver
license, voter ID, ration card will suffice as a photo Identity proof. Did we miss mentioning the most
important document i.e. Adhaar card? Well, Adhaar card details are crucial and they are very specifically
used in the Indian Territory only.
India and Nepal had signed a bilateral peace treaty in 1950 and both the side nationals can seek work
across borders but need to secure a work permit for the same.
1) India shares borders of Uttarakhand, Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with Nepal.
2) Around SIX lakh Indians are living in Nepal across the borders of five Indian states mentioned
3) Delhi Transport Corporation has been operating a friendship bus since 2014.
Check the details here.
4) An Indian can travel to Nepal through self-driving or hiring a driver if needed.
5) Travel by air is always an available option for Indians.
6) NPR i.e. Nepali Rupees is the currency of Nepal.
7) Indian currencies are accepted in Nepal.
8) Post completion of travel in Nepal, Nepalese accept if an Indian has remainders of NPR for INR.
9) Nepal is one of the safest countries for a solo women traveler to travel.
10) To get a taste of our favorite momo’s, Nepal is a must-visit.
11) Nepal’s life is very laidback and a Heaven for Mumbaikars.
12) If Pagodas are calling you, Visit Nepal.
13) Have you experienced chattering and eating food at a stranger’s home? If not, Nepal should be
next on your bucket list.
14) Nepal is simple, grounded and very rooted in their heritage.
15) Air travel is breathtaking as mountain ranges spread a blanket of nature’s beauty.
16) Nepal’s jungles are a surreal indulgence for tourist who loves toots of birds and can walk miles
into the crunchiness of dry leaves.
Aradhya Tours and Travels recommends visiting Nepal. Do read our other blogs on Nepal to know more
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Some fuel for travel mid-point catenating India with Nepal:
For an incredible view of Himalayan ranges, Delhi to Katmandu is a very pocket-friendly trip to make. An
alternative is, trains can be taken from Gorakhpur in Haryana to Kathmandu. But, take the train if you
want to spend some time with your friends or family as it is a 30 hours journey. Selection can also be
flights like Air India, Air Arabia, and Indigo that fly from Nepal from Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Nagpur,
Ahmadabad, and Bengal. Buddha Air, a Nepal based airlines fly from Kolkata thrice a week but it is
expensive. Another option is from Siliguri in West Bengal one can enter Nepal through the Panitanki
border that connects to Kakarbhitta in eastern Nepal. Traveling from Kakarbitta in eastern Nepal is very
convenient from Sikkim, Kolkata and northeast India. For example, it takes 45 min to an hour to travel
from Sikkim in India to Kakarbhitta in East Nepal. There are flights, buses, and trains from Kolkata to
Kakarbhitta as well. Kakarbhitta is famous for its tea plantation.
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