When travel needs itches, it is certain that most of us think of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is truly a
Heaven on earth. One such small beautiful earthly ‘Palace’ in Uttarakhand is KAUSANI. Certain
places are to be referred to as places only but Kausani is truly a Palace.
Mahatama Gandhi coined the term ‘Switzerland of India’ to refer Kausani. So, one can imagine
the beauty of this mini Paradise- KAUSANI. Mahatma Gandhi spent a lot of his time in
Anashakti Ashram. Mahatma Gandhi has spent a lot of time here in the ashram of Anashakti to
write and reflect.
Walkthrough your home door and walk into the travel zone that rests untouched and retains the
atmospheric purity.
A walk to the universe – The Stargate observatory is located at the ends of the road near
Anashakti Asharam. One needs to book a slot with the observatory on a nominal cost. The
Stargate observatory is open 24 hours a. The binoculars and telescopes are set for offering the best
view. The magical carpet of the night sky is an invite to grab.
A walk through the Pines- The forest trails that strewn pine groves are the best medicine to
give to owns aura. With pine groves strewn through, Kausani is a great place for nature walk
lovers. Explore the deepest secrets of the woods to attain sheer tranquility
A walk to your heart- The walk to your heart is through the pine forest. Lakshmi Asharam is
established in 1946 within the forest where pine tall up like a protective barrier. Lakshmi
Asharam a kilometer away from Kausani is a place to come and dedicate time for the upliftment
of women. Lakshmi Asharam is always in need of volunteers and social workers.
A walk on a trek- The glacier-covered trek to the Kumaon region will make you encounter
Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, and Blue Sheep. There are loads of other treks that wait in the
nearby areas of the Kausani area. Treks like Sunder Dhunga Trek, Milam trek, Kafni trek are to
A walk for a Lake view- Baijnath lake, near to Baijnath Temple is around 20 km away from
Kausani. Baijnath Lake is a must place to visit for a day. The lake is near a temple named on
itself. The Baijnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Baijnath Lake is situated on a plateau that
watches the helium balloons and people paragliding their arms to glory.
A walk tea plantation zone- Kausani tea estate falls on the way to the Baijnath Temple and
waits to color the passerby people retina to green. Do stop by here to sip some fresh tea and
Maggi noodles. Nobody can say no to Maggi noodles.

A walk into the past – A poet Sumitranand Pant, a revered 20 th -century poet, work is preserved
in Pant Museum. His personal belongings, letters, handwritten poems are preserved with all the
loved that is needed to preserve the written artifacts
A walk into the sky- Kausani is an out of the world place to camp and tent up a home to the
stars. As the night smile through the twinkling windows, the whole drama of stargazing enfolds
like a majestic dance. During the day rappelling, biking, rock climbing offers the other side of
Kausani bounty to strive into.
A walk into the caves and waterfalls- Rudrahari Temple situated in the Rudrahari caves offers
rest and refreshed feeling under the waterfalls that drum its noise down to the prayerful ears.
Rishi Kaushik mediated here at the banks of river Kosi and this sanctuary adds to the sacredness
of Kausani.
Travel not necessarily has to be exuberant and fancy laced. At times just surrendering to Mother
Nature can offer all the peace that exists to relax each nerve of our being. Travel to Kausani, and
witness your own soul transforming into a bloomed lotus.