Aquaventure Water Park

Venture out for Adventure: Aquaventure Water Park, Atlantis, The Palm. Dubai is a name known to all. Dubai is one of the small emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It’s said to be a culture meeting hub to more than 100 nationalities. The country is tax-free but off lately one has to pay Value Added Tax on food, travel, tickets, and shopping. Medical and Schooling not added on the tax cap. Everyone knows gold can be curetted in Dubai depending on the weight of the currency exchanged by expatriates or tourists. Dubai is famous for many things. Be it food, shopping malls, duty-free shopping at airports, theme parks, stationed global village, Dubai Frame or the much recently opened Quranic Park.

Residency places

Residency places like Sports city, Marina, Palms, Jumeirah Village or a street to explore- Al Seef Street. The Expo 2020 would be a good time to visit the shopping capital of the U.A.E. No trip is over without taking a dip or senses the presence of water. Everyone has heard about Atlantis, The Palm; the not so lost continent in Dubai. Atlantis-The Palm surrounded with water that can far fetch your existing eyesight; externally and internally.

Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Water Park is one of the attractions open to the guests of the Hotel, other tourists, expatriates, and locals. This park is a must adventure venture to gauge in. This park is floating in its waters with a captured space of 17 hectares and welcomes ages from as young as just born to the agility of nonagenarian age. The rides at Aquaventure Water Park scream you through the rides taking you through The Lost Chambers where over 65,000 Marine beings swirl and whirl in their own glory. The best part of the deal is the entry to The Lost Chamber which includes in the ticket purchased to enter Aquaventure Water Park.

There are 20 lost chambers and don’t be surprised if you find fellow humans diving in a few chambers. But of course, those few chambers out of the 20 are safe for diving Aquaventure Water Park offers you free tickets on your birthday. One can also feed the beings there and run through history rather than the possibility of how the lost continent of Atlantis could have been. We are sure not as beautiful as this Aquaventure Water Park that crystal spume sparkles in Atlantis, The Palm.

The Palm, A Trip To Atlantis

The trip to Atlantis, the Palm is like walking through a majestic world of gleam, beam, peace, adventure; a world created just for your dreams. Beware! You may be losing your heart to this fantabulous Caribbean themed park called Aquaventure Water Park. Trust us, one day will vanish in The Lost Chamber itself. We recommend purchasing a 2-day pass that gives free access to all rides in the Aquaventure Water Park. Tower of Poseidon is a must ride that will make you feel as if you are the sea itself.

The trill is beyond words can do justice. Get ready to take a leap of faith and cross your heart and sail on in the 90-foot slide that will test your faith in yourself. Leap of Faith will take you to shark lagoons at the tower of Neptune. The anaconda ride sounds a sibling to anaconda takes you through the snaky curves ensuring all the food in your belly swirl too.

The Watercoaster Ride

The watercoaster ride as you have already guessed it right by now takes you on a water rollercoaster ride.

The Zoomerang Ride

The Zoomerang ride makes you tango throughout the zigzag turns of the slides.

The Shark Attack Ride

The shark attack ride will slide you right next to the water glassed sharks.

There are a few more rides to name, but what’s the fun to know it all. There is much more than the Aquaventure Water Park in Atlantis. The Palm like sitting for the dolphin show, try out hands-on snorkeling, supervised diving, absorbed by walking through the lagoons. The trail rides to the main gate surrounded by beauty only created your eyes to see. You can also swim with the dolphins at their bay to merrily just dive into the world of feeling the marine life in its habitat that has been made for you because going in between the sea would not be an ideal deal. Connect with us at Aradhya Tours to know more about how this adventure can be at your reach.

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