Insight – In Sight Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort in Jaipur stands branched out majestically shining within itself the radiant light of the solar cycle. It truly feels regal in the essence of its contrived intricacy. Sheesh Mahal is made of glass, precious stone and minute craved paintings that look through the alive canvas. The most iconic movies of all time “Mugal e Azam” shot in the same Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort, Jaipur. Even today watching the legendary actresses Madhubala dance through the rainbows of glass ignites a whole new world in our hearts. (In Sight Sheesh Mahal)

images 5 Sheesh Mahal – A Glittering Mosaic of Rajasthan

Why was Sheesh Mahal Built?

Back then the 16th-century king and his consort did not have the electronic heaters that we have in our era. As Rajasthan is mainly a desert area, the summers are extremely hot and the winters send in chills to the bones. King Mann Singh lived at Sukh Nivas during the summers and moved to Sheesh Mahal during winters. The mirror effects from the glass ceiling and the candle torches helped the queenly folks to sleep well. Another reason was that the Queens loved to watch the stars twinkling and get charmed with the reflection of the universe stars into their royal garments. As the women were to be refrained to get public a Mahal made for the women was very much the need of the hour back then in the 16th century. Also, the royals loved the sun rays magnifying their homes. It gave a sense of stately pride.

Why should you visit Sheesh Mahal at Amer, Jaipur?

The Sheesh Mahal itself is the first reason. The other reasons are the well-connected roads from Delhi Jaipur highway. Also one can book a local or a prepaid cab from Jaipur airport itself. Also if you are one of the people who love the passing of the countryside you can start your voyage from Jaipur Railway station. One can also use the cheapest mode of travel through a local or a private bus and walk it up from the nearest bus stop. The nearest bus stop is the Amer Fort Bus stop. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (R.S.R.T.C) provides both AC and Non-AC bus services and the details can be easily availed. We are sharing this information for basic understanding. Aradhya Tours will assist you in your smooth preplanning moments as well.

What makes Sheesh Mahal a magical place?

Sheesh Mahal is a place built inside Amber Fort and gleams with mirrors that look like stars at our reach. The walls on the ceiling colored with a glass of all the palette of your imagination. These glasses called mirrors flicker like an invisible candle flame radiating the entire Palace with a single fall of light. The pillars in the Mahal stands on the support of the flower base of frescoes that looks different from all angles. The pillars look into your eyes like hundred of raceme playing catching cook game. Sheesh Mahal is a place, apologies, a Modish Palace. (In Sight Sheesh Mahal)

How many Sheesh Mahal is there?

Yes, other than this spell caster Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan, there are few others with the same name as Sheesh Mahal at Agra, Patiala, Jodhpur Lucknow, and Indore.

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