Mouth Kailash, a diamond-shaped black stone is a shrine for Hindus. A shrine i.e. is a mystical agglomeration of valuables of all kinds. Be it stones or jewels or human surrender with utmost conviction. Kailash has a thing with number four. Four religions; Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Bon religion revere this holy mount. Four rivers emerge from Mouth Kailash. These four rivers are Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Karnali, and Indus. These four rivers divide the world into four parts and flowing in four different directions.  Also, Mount Kailash is the center from where the cardinal directions original, are the sphere of our understanding in north, south, east and west directions. Mount Kailash also has North, South, East and West Face. FOUR FACES OF MOUNT KAILASH

Mt. Kailash is the axis of the earth

As the four rivers signify the demarcation of the earth lines, it also represents four faces of Mount Kailash. Each face of Mouth Kailash is facing the axis of the world on point. Mount Kailash is the axis of the earth. Mount Kailash is the reason that all living beings are alive. The perfect stillness of mount Kailash maintains the rhythm of the atmospheric balance.  This is the reason Mount Kailash is in perfect sync with other ancient monuments as well as with north and south poles of the earth. Geologists have a keen interest in knowing what is within Mount Kailash and what it contains. But some places are inscrutable because God is cynosure. Shiva is that centrality. Mount Kailash is the center of the earth and at the perfect point of earth axis.

Mt. Kailash is at a 6666km distance from Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is also known as ringing rocks and this phenomenon is still not understood. Well, Devotees do hear burbles of prayers and chants from the center of Mouth Kailash during Kailash parikrama.  Certain sounds are like cosmic sounds that are better left not understood. Mount Kailash has shown traces of shale rocks that look like Lingam. Lingam is the worship idol associated with Shiva. Rocks like shale are hard chalks, limestone, and the bedrock that provides a strong foundation.

As per numerology, the number 6666 signifies abundance, good luck, and good deeds.

Mount Kailash dome is the point where the Indian continental plate collides into the Eurasian plate. This collision took place 50 million years ago to give birth to the Himalayan ranges. There are residues of a multitude of small plates. These Indian continental plates are the reason we have a balance in rainfall.  This multitude of plates acts as a barrier from the storms of clouds we are not even aware of.

The FOUR faces of Mount Kailash

  • North face of mount Kailash – Gold
  • South face of mount Kailash – Lapis Lazuli
  • East face of mount Kailash – Crystal
  • West face of mount Kailash- Ruby

What Shiva Puranas says about four faces of Mount Kailash

Shiva Puranas to date affirms that each face of Mount Kailash is formed of jewels. Different jewels. Jewels like Lapis Lazuli, Gold, and Ruby. As we all have various emotions, feelings, and traits and we all are unique in our own right. Similarly, all the four faces of Mount Kailash depict ‘A’ particular emotion. The gold side of the north face of mount Kailash is stark, daunting and forbidding.  The North face of mount Kailash is called gold as during sunrise and sunset north side is painted by the sun ins gold taints.

Mount Kailash resembles Lord Shiva’s third eye

The Lapis Lazuli side of the south face of mount Kailash is majestically crowned with snow and flakes that make a garment for Kailash. People say that devotees have seen imagery on the south face of mount Kailash that resembles Lord Shiva’s third eye. The crystal side of the east face of mount Kailash is only viewable from very far or during Kailash Parikrama. No wonder pure crystals are rare phenomena to have. People who love to collect crystals will have a better understanding of what is conveying. The ruby side of the west face of mouth Kailash bubbles ups an aura of compassion, empathy, benevolence.

From Mansarovar Lake, the four sides of Kailash seem to be cheering the devotees. During Mount Kailash trek and devoted Kailash Parikrama all the face faces of mount Kailash see and pay homage as well. Our inner self is always longing for peace. At the external level, universal consciousness is immortally palpitating. What is this universal consciousness?  Universal consciousness is that permeates and melds where all animate and inanimate beings’ spirits coexist. This is that feeling one feels in every essence of their being while being in the home of Shiva. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra helps the devotees to feel unitive with their body, mind, and soul.

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