Chardham Yatra is the Devbhumi, the holiest land in Uttarakhand giving hopes of salvation to the devotees. Firstly, the four shrines are Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath. Secondly, these four are very auspicious Himalayan circuits that we know as Chardham Yatra (Chardham Yatra Safety Measures).

If you are looking for an expedition on ruggedness and fascination, yet a spiritual one, Chardham Yatra is a journey that everyone should go for once in a lifetime. In short, Chardham Yatra is one of the most celebrated journeys to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. It’s tough, difficult but Chardham Yatra’s journey in the Himalayan mountains will echo back ‘’YOU CAN DO IT’’.

Did you know that every four shrines in the Chardham Yatra have a river that flows through their belts?
1. Yamuna River from Yamunotri
2. Ganga River from Gangotri
3. Mandakini River from Kedarnath
4. Alaknanda River from Badrinath

Safety Measures And Precautions

We at Aradhya Tours ensure that our tours and trips are always briefed to our co-travelers on the safety measures and precautions required (Chardham Yatra Safety Tips ). To clarify, why co-travelers, because we will travel with you throughout in various forms. Be it through our tour guides, group representatives, and perks that the all-inclusive package offers. Chardham Yatra is best to be taken between May-Oct/Nov as they are less cold and doable too.

The dates of the routes open to devotees are prone to the weather and the Hindu parikrama nature (clockwise circumambulation) as well. Raining seasons may be a little tricky due to landslides, but with safety measures and following the tour guide’s advice is like acting like a horse’s eye vision. Horses are sharp, have a clear vision, and ride like a master of Ace.

Aradhya Tours urges you to please be well prepared for Chardham Yatra on the health and overall travel necessitates.



– Be mentally and emotionally ready to inspire yourself by taking the first step by raising your physical energy levels on taking up an arduous trek journey of Chardham Yatra.

– Start walking 2-5 km daily 3 months before the Chardham Yatra begins as the pre-work of walking habit will do wonders during the Chardham Yatra (Chardham Yatra Safety Measures).

– Get a medical nod from your family doctors are they are the best judge to give you valuable pieces of advice for Chardham yatra.

– Heart ailments, respiratory issues, pregnant women are advised to please get a medical certification done is very crucial before commencing the Chardham Yatra.

– Talks to people who have been for Chardham yatra and know what were the high and low point of their travel. In short, seek their first-hand travel advice.

– Aradhya Tours does welcome solo travelers but the best is to travel with friends and family.

– First, pack the needed medications followed by warm clothes and comfortable clothes. Warm clothes will be needed every month from May to Oct/Nov as evenings get really cold.


– Identity proof should be carried at all times on Chardham Yatra ( personal & given by the Uttarakhand government)

– The ID from the Uttarakhand government is our responsibility- Aradhya Tours.

– Carry healthy dry fruits, nuts, dates, chocolates for instant energy during the treks.

– Pack utilities like towels, bags, toiletries, umbrellas, hats, pocket knives, torch, and things that you may need in the daily carry bags when trekking.

– Portable power banks, chargers, a digital lens for DLSR cameras, and other related digital necessities.

– Clothes- pullover, jackets, scarf, raincoat with a hoodie, cap, socks, monkey cap, boots, etc.

– We would advise leaving your laptops at your base home as the smartphone also will be enough if you are looking at documenting the entire travel. Travel safe. Travel light.

– Drink bottled water only. If there is the unavailability of bottled water purchasing Potassium Permanganate powder (food grade) to decontaminate locally available water will be an ideal bet.


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Aradhya Tours believes that every journey a devotee takes; they look up to their tour planner. We plan experiences. Experiences such that can be taken in heart and is worth sharing with loved ones.
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