The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a spiritual journey that takes pilgrims to the sacred Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, located in the remote Transhimalaya region of Tibet. This journey is not just a pilgrimage, but a quest that allows one to confront their inner self amidst the serenity of nature. This blog post is dedicated to the American pilgrims who have embarked on this journey with Aradhya Tours, India’s leading high altitude travel expert.

The Journey Begins

The journey to Kailash Mansarovar is a challenging one, traversing through rugged terrains, high altitude passes, and unpredictable weather conditions. However, the spiritual fulfillment and the mesmerizing beauty of the landscapes make every hardship worth it. The journey begins from Kathmandu, Nepal, from where the pilgrims are taken to the Nepal-China border. From there, they travel to the town of Saga in Tibet, which serves as the base for the journey ahead. The journey from Kathmandu to Saga is a mix of road and off-road travel, with the landscape changing from lush green valleys to barren hills as one moves towards the higher altitudes.

Indian rever to witness the mystical foru faces of Mt Kailash during Kailash Mansarovar yatra

The Sacred Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, standing tall at 6,638 meters, is considered the abode of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology. It is also revered by Buddhists, Jains, and Bonpos, making it a significant spiritual site. The mountain’s unique, symmetrical peak is often shrouded in clouds, adding to its mystical allure. Pilgrims perform a ‘parikrama’ or circumambulation of the mountain, a journey of approximately 52 kilometers, which is believed to bring spiritual liberation. The parikrama is a challenging trek, with the path taking the pilgrims through rocky terrains and high altitude passes. Despite the physical challenges, the sight of the majestic Kailash against the backdrop of the clear blue sky is a sight to behold, making the hardships of the journey seem insignificant.

The Divine Lake Mansarovar

Lake Mansarovar, located at the foot of Mount Kailash, is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake’s crystal clear blue waters reflect the majestic Kailash, creating a sight of unparalleled beauty. Pilgrims take a holy dip in the lake and perform rituals, seeking blessings for a life of peace and salvation. The lake is also home to a variety of bird species, adding to its natural beauty. The sight of the sun setting over the lake, with the sky changing colors from orange to pink to purple, is a sight that leaves the pilgrims spellbound.

Kailash mansarovar yatra for Indians in USA

The American Pilgrims’ Experience

The American pilgrims who undertook this journey with Aradhya Tours have shared their experiences of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. They were moved by the sheer beauty of the landscapes and the overwhelming sense of peace that the region exudes. Despite the physical challenges, they found the journey to be a transformative experience, bringing them closer to nature and their inner selves. They shared stories of their encounters with the local Tibetan culture, their awe at the sight of the majestic Kailash, and their spiritual experiences during the parikrama and the holy dip in Lake Mansarovar.

Aradhya Tours: Your Trusted Travel Partner

Aradhya Tours, with its expertise in high altitude travel, ensures a safe and comfortable journey for its pilgrims. They provide personalized experiences, taking care of all travel arrangements, including permits, accommodation, food, and medical assistance. Their experienced guides and support staff are well-versed with the terrain and the challenges it poses, ensuring that the pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey without any worries. With Aradhya Tours, the pilgrims are not just embarking on a journey, but an experience that is meticulously planned and executed to ensure their comfort and safety.


The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a journey of a lifetime, offering a unique blend of adventure, spirituality, and natural beauty. It is a journey that challenges you physically and spiritually, pushing you out of your comfort zone and enabling you to discover your inner strength. For the American pilgrims who undertook this journey, it was an experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. The journey to Kailash Mansarovar is not just about reaching a destination, but about the journey itself, the experiences along the way, and the transformation that it brings about in the pilgrims.

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