Tour overview

Kailash Yatra Preparation & Planning

This is not a tour. you can say it adventure trek. If you are a trekker, you wear the mountain path a little more than it already is. If you are a pilgrim, you do not go there to wear the mountain path – you go there to wear yourself down. In some way, you must become less than who you think you are. Only then, there is a pilgrimage. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Preparation & Planning.

Things to Carry

General Considerations when Packing:

Keep the weight and bulk down to a minimum. The baggage allowance on most international flights is 20 Kg’s/44 lbs. Most people tend to bring more clothes than they do actually need. You will only need one change of clothes for Kathmandu. On the trek, it is important to dress in layers. When it is hot you will only be wearing a base layer, when it gets colder you can add to this until you are wearing most of your clothes! It is advisable to carry your stuff in a duffel bag rather than a suitcase or other normal bags. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Preparation & Planning.

What kind of items to carry while traveling?

You have to take warm clothes like a sweater, trousers, thermo-coat, cap, trekking shoes, high-neck, gloves. We recommend that you bring the following items to make your journey more comfortable clothing for both extremes of climate and temperature. While driving to Kailash, it will be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required. But as soon as you step out of the vehicle, warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Tibetan Plateau. The evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required.


Clothing should be normally light capable of providing warmth preferably dark colors so that dirt is not easily remarkable.

  • Tracksuits
  • Shirts long-sleeved made of wool less of flannel
  • Towels
  • Salwar sets
  • Eight pairs of cotton and two pairs of woolen socks
  • One pair woolen and one pair of cotton gloves
  • Pair of sandal with back strap
  • One pair of hiking boots and one pair of sports shoes
  • Undergarments
  • Shawl
  • Woolen sweater with high neck
  • Monkey cap (Balaclava)
  • Wind sheeter with a hood (waterproof)
  • Thermals  (two legging and two vests)
  • Night wears
  • T-shirts


  • Sunblock cream
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Soap
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Toilet tissue rolls and detergent
  • Hand mirror
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Lip balm


  • Alarm clock, *video, and camera with extra batteries
  • Torch with batteries. *music cassettes
  • Nylon ropes. *notebook. *water can with m-seal for bringing the Manas Holy water
  • Related books. *sunglass with retainer (thread/chain)
  • Whistle to hang around the neck while doing Parikarma/Kora
  • Cigarette lighter – 1 *500 ml thermos flask holder with mug cover
  • One liter water bottle. *Swiss army knife. *swing kit


We highly recommend you to consult your own doctor before you start the trip and bring the

medications as per his/her advice. However, the following items are worth full to bring:

  • Diamox – 20 tablets *paracetamol (crocin)
  • Pain killer
  • Eye drops for burning eyes *multivitamin pills
  • Muscle relaxant *antibiotic
  • Motion sickness and high altitude sickness medicine
  • Vicks vaporub *water purification tablets
  • Neosporin ointment *band-aid *antihistamine (contact cc)
  • Kee-cap *electric powder *thermometer

We will provide you free cap, kitbag, and backpack.

Do I have to buy Down Jackets?

No, you don’t have to. We will provide a Down Jacket in Kathmandu.


Personal & Toiletries item

It is possible to buy stuff like soap, shampoo, toilet paper rolls, torch, biscuits, chips, water,

beverages, etc. in Tibet side also at Nyalam, Saga and Darchen. Mostly these will be cheap Chinese make.

Health checkup for the trip

If you are in doubt of your health then please get a regular check-up done with your family doctor.

Please note that some people with mild blood pressure have traveled with us to Kailash without



Fitness for the trip

Remember that Kailash Manasarovar is not an ordinary pilgrimage. High altitude affects everyone..

Prepare well for the trip. Normally people find excuses for not doing yoga and walking exercise.

Our Sherpa team, Nepali guide, and Cook will be with you all the time in Tibet.

Meals / Food

We will provide you breakfast, lunch, dinner (vegetarian), cooked by our professional and trained cook who will be taken from Kathmandu. We will provide you delicious pure vegetarian Indian meals during the entire trip. Some of the food are dal, chawal, rito, sabji, papad, khichadi, fruits, juice, mineral water, bread, coffee, tea, milk, cornflakes, real juice, khir and much more. We still recommend you to bring sufficient supplementary food like chocolates, biscuits, nuts, bhujhya and your tinned products to add varieties to the meal.

Altitude Sickness

As participants are traveling over high terrain, participants are likely to experience symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness (headache, loss of appetite, nausea, exhaustion, sleeplessness,

breathlessness, etc.) until their body adjusts to the elevation. This can take a couple of days or more depending on an individual. For this reason, we have made it mandatory and fixed itinerary to stay at the place above 9000ft for at least 3 nights before moving on to the higher altitudes.


Yes, during the entire Yatra we will provide you a free supply of Mineral Water. We will carry the 20-liter mineral water jars during the trip.

What kind of food?

We will have Pure Vegetarian food during the entire Yatra and also in Nepal.

Can I book a pony for one day Parikrama only?

No. The rule of the Pony owner and Porter Union there is clear that Pony and/or Porter can be hired for full three days and not partial trip. Also, the money has to be paid in advance and no refund is possible if you return back in two days’ time instead of doing the full three days Parikrama.

However, sometimes it is possible to get a pony/porter for just one day during Parikrama; the price will be exorbitant though.

Temperature / Weather

The temperature variation will be between -5 to 25 degrees Celsius. At night it gets chilling cold. During the day, if the Sun is out, it gets around 20 to 25 degrees. During driving days it gets very stuffy inside the vehicle as the windows have to be kept closed due to dust. However, outside it may be very cold and windy. So while you are inside a vehicle during driving days keep your down jacket handy when you step out of the car. Inside the vehicle, you may need to take off your warm clothes.

One must carry only those few things that are absolute musts during the two-week journey. We give a large black bag for pilgrims to re-pack all your luggage only into that one black duffel bag, so overpacking won’t help. This is an arduous trek, so it’s advised to carry as little weight as possible (literally as well as figuratively).

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